Shortly following the end of World War 1, a group of veterans met on the steps of the County Court House in Clearwater and there planned the formation of an American Legion Post. They chose as a name, Turner-Brandon, in honor of two of Clearwater's sons who gave their lives in defense of our Nation.

The decision to organize an American Legion Post resulted from the conclusion of these Veterans that the American Legion was the representative Veterans' organization in this country. That conclusion has been proven true as today the American Legion is the largest wartime Veterans' organization with nearly 15,000 local Posts throughout America and over 3 million members who care about America, Veterans, their families and our nation's youth.

Edward Campbell Turner, a Seaman 2/C, died at sea while serving aboard the USS Rhode Island. Ian Leroy Brandon served as a Private with the 49th Co., 5th regular Marines, and was killed in action as an advance on Belleau Woods. Both men were of pioneer stock and their family names are represented to this day in civic, governmental, and business fields in Pinellas County and the City of Clearwater.

Having made the choice of a name for the new Post, application was then made for a new Charter. On February 21, 1921, the original Charter was issued and the Post began its existence under the Charter name of Turner-Brandon Post # 7. The Post was incorporated in April of 1959. The first Post Commander was Dr. L. F. Wyatt. We dedicated the original part of our current building in 1964 and in 1975 the lounge addition was completed and dedicated.

For the last ninety years our Post has had an active part in the life of our City and County, endeavoring to carry out the policies and programs recommended by the National and Department Headquarters, keeping ever in mind as a primary objective, the continued welfare of the Veteran and his family.


Affiliated Organizations

A Women's Auxiliary of American Legion Post 7 was formed on July 14th, 1924. The Legion has every reason to be proud of it's Auxiliary.  Auxiliary members are always anxious and willing to co-operate in every Legion activity.

Sons of the Legion for American  Legion Post 7, Squadron # 7, was formed on August 1st, 1983.  The Legion has every reason to be proud of it's Sons of Legion unit, which gained statewide recognition because of it's programs of service. 

                                                                      Patriotic Days

MEMORIAL DAY has always been an outstanding occasion in this community. In addition to memorial events throughout the Clearwater community, the  goal of every Veteran to it's last man is to keep MEMORIAL DAY sacred to the memory of our war dead of all of the wars of the country; and all graves are decorated on this National Holiday.

 ARMISTICE DAY, now called VETERANS' DAY, originally marked the end of fighting in World War I. It is an important holiday on the calendar of Legionnaires everywhere and in the hearts of all Veterans.  An important tradition was established when the Post led in the memorial exercises at 11 o'clock on the morning of November 11, marking the exact hour of the cessation of hostility on the war fronts of World War 1.

Registration Of Graves

Since it's inception American Legion Post 7 has been a leader in this community in the area of graves registration; which has been incorporated by all the American Legion Posts in Pinellas County. Grave Registration enables all interested parties to locate the site of the grave of each Veteran.   Each year, active members place a flag on each Veteran's grave.

Scholarships and Community Projects

American Legion Post 7 sponsors various scholarships for the further education of our children. We also sponsor and financially assist many worthy community projects and programs initiated by the National American Legion.

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